Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Taste For Red

The cover art for A Taste For Red has finally arrived! Great thanks to artist Victor Rivas and the folks at Clarion Books! I've sweated through many a night dreading the day when I would first view the cover of my very own book. Dreading it! What if I hated it? What if it curled my toes (in the worst way, I mean)? But no's terrific!

(Cover illustration copyright 2009 by Victor Rivas)

And now I can feel it --the release date for my book inching closer and closer...and I do mean inching. If there's one thing that the wonderful world of publishing teaches, it's patience --and I'm on the fast track! Spring 2009!

It seems that there is SO much to do to get ready...or at least I think that there is. When will I ever find the time to write? I've got so much...networking to do. Ugh. Can that be fun?'s probably one of those Zen deals where perspective is everything, or the only thing. But I am looking forward to it --whatever it is...


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I vote for Scary Pumpkin, although the decision was close.

Jim Johnson

P.S. Do you and/or Lisa want to go to Crystal River this January?

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