Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Good Query

I just checked out , almost a daily exercise for me. I've been addicted to EE's blog for several years now. It's a great source for writers looking to whittle their queries down to fighting weight. Writing an effective query is essential if one hopes to catch the eye of an agent or editor. Of course, you've got to follow up by having the goods in your manuscript. That's a wildly subjective proposition at best, so the more folks you have asking for your work the better (I know--super duh).

So how do you begin to write an effective query? The same way you write a story! You read, read, read...

I recommend beginning at the beginning of Evil Editor's blog and sifting through the 200+ Face-lifts that EE has performed on a host of sagging queries, each offered for your instruction and entertainment. Do it! Even if your brain has all the qualities of a fine colander, you'll at least laugh your fanny off.

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