Friday, November 21, 2008

A Taste for Red --Coming June 15, 2009

The publication date is official! June 15, 2009. (Only 7 months away!)

I received the Clarion Books Spring 2009 catalog.
My book, A Taste for Red, is featured in a super sweet two page spread; it includes an excerpt from the book and an author photo. The layout is terrific. I hadn't expected my picture to be in the catalog! It's the same photograph I use for the blog, but in the catalog it appears much darker.

I look mean in the catalog shot. A little smirky, and dangerous. The photo seems better suited to accompany a by-line in Soldier of Fortune magazine, maybe next to an article on grenade polishing or tips for spicing up those blah-blah C-rations (try adding curry!).

There's also a short author bio. My editor wrote it up for the book jacket. It describes me so: "He's worked as a massage therapist, a short-order cook, a room-service waiter, and a janitor."

At one point she had my stint as a "dishwasher" included, but I figured we could lose that one; I didn't want to look like I was bragging.

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8chNelle said...

Looked to me like you were the playboy centerfold of Clarion books with your big ol' 2 page spread!