Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Tragedy of Sweet Pumpkin

Happy Post-Halloween! Thanks to everyone who voted in our pumpkin election!
I hope a wonderful and spooky holiday was had by all.
Things on our end were a bit grim. The pumpkin vote was tallied and the winner, by a landslide, was Scary Pumpkin.

Oh the cruelty! Scary defeated Sweet Pumpkin soundly in a 26 to 10 victory. I, equally defeated, was the creator of Sweet Pumpkin and Lisa (the winner!) was the artistic force behind Scary. As the victor of our little contest, she will get to choose a fancy night out on the town (plus bragging rights!).
And I must wallow in defeat! --at least until next Halloween.
But what did the victor, Scary Pumpkin, get out of this?

The newly-crowned Evil Pumpkin King wasted no time in ridding his empire of all who would seek to usurp his glory. He immediately issued a Decree of Death for poor Sweet.

"Blindfold the prisoner!" Scary commanded. "Nooooooo!" cried Sweet.

But Scary was unmoved. He laughed cruelly and declared, "Death by Truck! Any last words?"

"Boo hoo," whimpered Sweet.

"That's Boo to you!" sneered Scary Pumpkin, and hit the gas. "Ooooooooohhhhh!" Splat!

And Scary Pumpkin gloated!

But his gloating was short-lived! While jumping for joy, he slipped and landed poorly. Oh sad, clumsy Evil Pumpkin King.

Happy Halloween!


Ruth McNally Barshaw said...

My 11 year old proclaims you "Very funny" and without the sarcasm she uses when I say something I think is funny.
You have 2 new fans. :)

8chNelle said...

LOVE it!!!!