Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Post Print Seattle Post Intelligencer

I read a line from a fellow writer lamenting the passing of the print edition of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. And I'm not happy about it either. Other newspaper print editions will inevitably follow. For me, the ritual of reading a print newspaper is an act of relaxation. "Coffee and a newspaper" sounds so soothing. Online papers can certainly provide the news, but what about the relaxation? The joy of the print newspaper is that you can see the end of it; sadly and reluctantly turn that final page and sigh "ahhh...time to get back to work." (or whatever)
But then there are other things to read, yes? And there will always be upstart, subversive rags trying to make a go of it. Maybe not always, but you know what I mean--for some time to come. And then there are the other joys, too numerous to mention (like Indian food and zombie movies) . And new rituals on the horizon.
And a billion different kinds of coffee.
Or at least a dozen different kinds with a billion different names.

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lionmother said...

Hi Lewis,
I like your blog very much! I'm one of those people who drinks one of the endless varieties of coffee lattes.:) Also, though I don't like vampires, I love the title of your book.:) My favorite color is red, but obviously not the blood kind.:)

I would love to host you on my blog for the book's opening. Let's talk about it. Send me a message.