Monday, June 8, 2009

Postcards From The Edge

I've been working on postcards and bookmarks lately. Do I need these things? Sure, I guess...everything says that I need them. It makes sense. I need something to show that I was there...I need to leave a trail.

I picked up an order of postcards the other day and they look terrific. I've been working on my bookmarks this afternoon and I've finalized the design. Haven't I? least for the moment. I've talked to some printers and then some more printers and then spoke to some other printers and now I'm ready to call a printer. I'm trying to determine if I want gloss or matte or one-sided color or two-side color or coating --whatever coating is...

It's just a bookmark...relax.

Just pick something and pay for it--big deal...but a get a receipt.

I'm a page folder anyway. Bookmarks are...well, for other folks. I love to fold the corners of pages. The top corner, the bottom corner, left page or right--it doesn't matter.

I used to worship books, and still do, but with less reverence. Now I like to abuse a book a bit. Take ownership of it. Leave a nice fat thumbprint or mustard stain. While backpacking, I've even ripped the pages from books to start a fire--then burned the rest of the book to lighten my load. Self-help books burn best.

I think it's the fumes.


Tabitha said...

LOL! I would have thought cooking books burn the best. But maybe they've been given that strange bookmark-coating in case the reader is accident prone. :)

I'm a bookmark girl, myself. And I used my favorite bookmark when I read A TASTE FOR RED in the Amazon Vine program. Great book! I hope there will be more Svetlana stories in the future. :)

Lewis Harris said...

Cooking books burn best! That would have been a great line :^)
I've never backpacked with a cookbook...there's only so much you can do with Lipton Noodle Dinners.
And I'm glad you enjoyed my book...thanks for reading it and checking out the blog.

Emily said...

I think bookmarks and postcards DO make a difference. I'm an inventory manager at a big indie bookstore in Texas - BookPeople, of course - and I've seen people pick up a postcard/bookmark/flyer that we left out and say "Where can I find THIS book?" Sometimes, if I really like a new author, I'll put a few of their bookmarks in our bestsellers. That's just the kind of gal I am.

We really really love A Taste for Red at our store, too. I reviewed it on our blog last week - I hope you approve!

Good luck with the bookmarks!