Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Book Advances

I was happy with my book advance, and would have been happy with less. Or more. The great thing about selling a first book is that IT SOLD. Everything that comes after is cream, although that's sometimes easy to forget. But cream will turn if not properly stored. And it turns anyway, eventually. It has a shelf life, after all.
For insight into advances and other less romantic features of the writing life, here are two thoughtful posts from writers John Green and Jessica Burkhart. The comments under the Green post are lengthy and worth a peek.
My own opinions about book advances, book promotion, and the book business in general are hazy at best--and may remain so. Serious consideration of all things practical eludes me; it's one of my gifts. But, if you're dabbling in writing and hoping for publication, the business end of the stick can't be avoided.

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