Friday, February 27, 2009

A Taste for Red Music Video

I've posted two more videos on my Youtube page.

"A Taste for Red" is a sorta-kinda music video and "Making Svetlana Grimm" is a sorta-kinda making of "A Taste for Red" --or rather a making of the 'star' of the music video --which just happens to be a thrift shop doll that I did a Frankenstein number on. Check the videos out and give me some feedback. Feel free to rate and comment and share with everyone you know.

Everyone that you know.
Your eyelids are getting heavy.
Share the videos with everyone in your email address book.
Your arms are becoming heavy sandbags.
Send the video links to all of your contacts.
You can hear only the sound of
View my videos and share them with all of your contacts.
ALL of your contacts.
Comment, rate, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel.
You are in a safe place. Relax...relax...
Add my website to your favorites.
When I snap my fingers you will feel a deep inner peace.
Then you will squat and become a chicken.
You will try with all of your heart to lay an egg.
Good luck.

1 comment:

8chNelle said...

How'd you find the Natalie Portman doll? Very cool music video! I'll see if I can link it to my facebook. Oh, thanks for helping me get an early start on Easter eggs. It's gonna be interesting hunting/findings this year!