Thursday, February 12, 2009


Like most writers, what I really want to do
So why not? What do you need anyway?
A camera. Check.
A computer. Check.
Some lame footage. Check.

I've thrown together a Youtube Page and my first video effort, Birds (have it tough), has been posted. All you aspiring Roger Ebert-types can bring it on!! If you like the clip, please comment and subscribe. If for some INSANE reason you don't like the clip, then you probably didn't get it.
Silly you.
Take another look.
I'll explain to optimize your viewing pleasure:
The birds represent the "Ego". They symbolize Man's futile search for infinite meaning while concurrently struggling with the pain of a transitory existence. In the video, observe the manner in which the seagulls align themselves and then later how the ducks model a similar behaviour--this despite the fact that gulls and ducks are sworn enemies with wholly conflicting philosophies. Wild isn't it? And disturbing...

I'm almost halfway through the CliffNotes of Friedrich Nietzsche's Jenseits von Gut und Böse, so another video shouldn't be far off!

Maybe something with turtles.

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